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"From start to finish, NewsCart is incredibly easy to use and makes distributing news faster and more convenient. The team at NewsCart is a pleasure to work with and tailored the platform to meet our needs every step of the way."

Amalia Carusone
Coordinator, Corporate Communications

"NewsCart is a powerful tool for Corporate Communications and Marketing teams. Your curation of news from key advertising, tech and business publications provides real value in supporting and inspiring our content marketing efforts and your intuitive platform and customizable newsletter templates simplify the process of sharing news updates with both internal and external audiences."

Sandy Drayton
VP, Corporate Communications at Extreme Reach

"We’ve modified our internal communication plan now that we are a partner. NewsCart is already saving us a lot of time, and more than anything, the headache of trying to get interesting articles and news out to our folks."

Mario Avila
Director, Turner Family Center for Social Ventures at Vanderbilt University

"NewsCart makes the tedious and time-consuming task of creating newsletters simple and seamless. It’s the ideal solution for a busy communications team looking to optimize their time and resources while maintaining high design and content standards."

Emma Byrd
Manager, Corporate Communications

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