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Create and share company news briefs

NewsCart is a simple way to discover and share news with your employees

Easily track and share company news

Information is only as valuable as your ability to access, understand, and share it at scale, so we developed a solution to make that really easy for you.

Discover industry news for your employees

Discover industry and competitive news that supports your strategic goals and seamlessly share it with key employees.

Cultivate a smarter workforce

It’s never been easier to empower your people with the news and information they need to drive results, make better decisions, and serve your customers.


James is a Time Inc., PubMatic, and Morgan Stanley alum with expertise in enterprise sales, customer success, and business development. He holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and BA in Journalism from Howard University.

James Edward Murray
Co-Founder and CEO

Warren is a full stack developer with expertise in machine learning. He's a Data Scientist at Hospital Corporation of America, where he builds machine learning algorithms to improve clinical outcomes. He was trained at Nashville Software School and holds a BA in Web & Interactive Design from Nossi College of Art.

Warren Sadler
Co-Founder and CTO

Jessie is a front-end developer at NewsCart. He studied audio engineering at SAE Institute Nashville before teaching himself how to code and transitioning into software development full-time.

Jessie Wooten
Software Developer

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